This conjunction vitalizes the emotional nature of Venus through the desirous energy of Mars, thus imbibing the native with emotional warmth and love of life. The only precaution, the native requires is that he should never be rash and impetuous inhis affections and should refrain from re?ecting these too early either through his speech or actions in dealing with opposite sex or in general.


Mars and Venus combination, conjunction in the signs Gemini, Cancer and Scorpio and in the houses mentioned above makes the sex life abnormal. If a male has Mars in Leo or any specific Sign and the female has Venus in Leo or same sign as Mars for Male or vice versa then there is natural attraction between the Male and Female

The Venus-Mars conjunction in the MALE chart. In general, men with a tight Venus-Mars conjunction in the natal chart may face an accidental death.. Men with such an aspect can be real activists, often so much so that they become aggressive and hence quite some criminal perpetrators have this aspect.. Also, men with this conjunction are absolutely multi-faceted. If Mars and Saturn form a conjunction in the seventh house of the native’s chart he may not get the happiness of children.

Mars venus conjunction marriage

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Especially when it is at a tight orb. This particular aspect's  6 Phrases More Important Than 'I Love You' · 4 Ways To Bring Your Man Emotionally Closer To You · 15 Real Marriage Vows I Should've Made On My Wedding  The Venus-Mars conjunction in the FEMALE chart. In general, women with a tight Venus-Mars conjunction in the natal chart suffered childhood abuse and/or had  Mars + Venus placed in 7th house and lord of 7th house placed in 8th house and Saturn  Oct 12, 2019 Venus when conjunct with Sun, Mars or Rahu is considered to be bad. If Venus is in conjunct with Sun or Mars, it leads to quarrels between the  Venus conjunct Mars.

Venus conjunct Mars. Venus and Mars are personal planets, Venus relates to feminine, Mars masculine, characteristics and traits. But, Venus and Mars are not per se, about commitment or marriage – although they may lead us there! Venus & Mars are lust, adoration, infatuation – an irresistible sexual or romantic attraction. Alongside our amorous entanglements, they will also be descriptive of how we behave and respond in all our relationships and interactions with others.

Mars-Venus conjunction also makes the native self-centered and drawn towards sensuality and carnal passions. Native may indulge in affairs out of wedlock.

Mars venus conjunction marriage

Meaning of Mars-Jupiter-Venus Conjunction - This can be a good conjunction as person will put lots of efforts and actions in getting wealth and knowledge both. This can be an action driven person. Good thing with Mars-Jupiter conjunctions is that they both are strong masculine planets, they both are friends to each other and they both impact each other.

They may be extremely flirtatious and will need to curb this while in relationships so as not to arouse jealousy in their partners. The Mars Venus conjunction has already been exact two time this year, on 22 February in Aries, on 1 September in Leo and now on 3 November in Virgo. In Leo the Mars Venus conjunction was turned outward toward relationships and you can read more about this in my article Venus conjunct Mars in Leo: Passionate Connection.

Mars venus conjunction marriage

So We will see how to Predict Second Marriage in astrology. The malefic Planet Like Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu etc in 7th house are detrimental for Happy Marriage. If Venus is debilitated, combust, posited in trika bhava, conjuncted with or by placement, conjunction with or aspect and strength, the marriage can break.
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Venus and kethu take the person into many directions in love and relationships. Venus Mars aspects are passionate and driven, but the hard aspects can also be quite cruel and ruthless.

The friendship between Mars and Venus is okay! The placement of both the planets is Mars conjunct Venus in Cancer synastry will be in Cancer. Meaning of Sun-Mars-Venus Conjunction - This is a conjunction where Venus is coming in contact with 2 strong fiery and hot planets.
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Venus in conjunction with other planets: Venus-Sun-:Native sexually active, wife of a noble birth or has a royal tinge in her personality. Venus-Moon-: Wife from a higher social status, she may be inconsistent.

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Mars-Venus conjunction also makes the native self-centered and drawn towards sensuality and carnal passions. Native may indulge in affairs out of wedlock. Their inclination towards gambling and speculation is usually high. They have a tendency to submit to vices such as greed, sensuality, deception, disloyalty, and extravagance.

The person is more masculine in manifestation. Hi Vaibhav, Venus and Mars conjunction would make the person sensual and may have high libido in general.